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Nouvelles vidéos live WHISKY A GO GO – Hollywood, CA – November 4th

Part 1

Thanks to everyone who came to see us at the Whisky A Go-Go !! You were loud, we loved it!Here's a sample of Johnny Bait

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Part 2

Thanks to everyone who came to see us at the Whisky (part 2)

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Track review ‘Bastards of Young’ – Indie Music Review

Talia – Bastards of Young

Track review ‘Bastards of Young’ – New Sick Music

Talia – “Bastards of Young” (Cover)

Track review ‘Bastard of Young’ – Modern Fix

Talia release ‘Bastards of Young’

Track review Bastards of Young – Obscure Sound

Talia – “Bastards of Young” (The Replacements cover)

Touting a strong, muscle-y rock sound heavy on distortion and strong vocal melodies, Talia remind of a more distortion-friendly of The Replacements, who they cover here, while also bring to mind The Hold Steady. A cover of The Replacements track, “Bastards of Young” is a catchy take on the track that showcases the band’s strengths well. They started recording their next EP with Steve Albini in October, a perfect producer fit considering the band’s obvious love for ’90s alternative. Fans of ’90s alternative and recent acts in the vein of The Hold Steady will undoubtedly find their comfort zone in Talia, a trio with members from Los Angeles and Paris that’s fast on the rise. Albini will only help matters.

Track review Bastards of Young – Street Music Journal


Bastards of the Young (digital single)

Review by Gary Hill
This digital single is a cover of a song originally done by the Replacements. I have to admit that while I’ve heard the Replacements in the past, I don’t think I’ve heard this song. It doesn’t stand in the way of my enjoyment, though. This is just plain fun.

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2017  Volume 6 at

Bastards of the Young
Raw and hard edged rock and roll is the concept here. This is a screaming hot cut with punk rock, straight rock and roll and even some power-pop in the mix. It’s energized, fun and rather catchy.

Interview sur LOUDER THAN WAR

TALIA: On Tour – Interview:


Paris Rockers, TALIA, Set to Tour Throughout California

Published on July 25, 2017 by Jessica_Golich


Making their way to the states to add a dose of their own sunshine throughout sunny California, Paris rockers, TALIA, are set to rock a variety of venues in the Golden State over the next few weeks to come. Adding a dose of eccentricity to the storm of today’s modern rock, TALIA is a band that feels as though they were brought to life two decades ago, yet serve as a refreshment that is reminiscent of grungy rock in its prime. Vigilance is a powerful magnet and TALIA has traveled on to receive praise from a variety of outlets worldwide.

Nearly two years later, TALIA is still riding the wave of the success stemming from their 2015 release, ‘Thugs They Look Like Angels’. TALIA’s distinctive intertwining of male and female elements is fundamentally fluid and brilliant and serves as the icing on the cake for a band that has taken risks to create a signature style that is entirely their own. Lyrically, TALIA is a continuously evolving mass of thought, and the divine chisel that has produced their design is one of a kind. The aggressive touch that TALIA provides both lyrically and externally while on stage is raw and provides a transparent glimpse into Alice, RV and Nicholas’s Rock ‘N’ Roll hearts.

Life is a video game and the controller is in your hands. There are bands that you can catch at your favorite local dive bar or there are bands that come to the stage with intention. Do yourself a favor and add a dose of TALIA live to one of your nights to come.


Tour Dates:

July 26th at the Viper in LA

July 29th at Winters in Pacifica (Bay Area)

August 3rd at The Bancroft in Spring Valley (San Diego area)

August 5th at Stork in Oakland (Bay Area)

August 13th at The Holding Company in San Diego